Cannabis Security Solution

AI Video Surveillance

- Low false alarm rate
- Cost-effective compared to traditional fence deturbance system

Massive Storage

- At least one year continueous recording
- Unlimited storage expansion
- Highest level data security

IP-based AI Facial Access Control

- Non-stop access by face recognition - Entrance video live view & playback - Central management by single platform
- Time & Attendance helps personnel management

Video Monitoring

- 24/7 video monitoring
- Efficient video verification and fast accident response

Ambient Monitoring

Real-time temperature & humidity monitoring for dramatic change creates a hassle-free cultivation environment

POS Integration

POS integrates with camera to display text overlay on video to provide evidence for dispute and cashier fraud

AI Perimeter Protection Camera

· Trigger alarm by human & vehicle only, filter false alarm such as lights, animals, etc.
· Give direction, area and schedule to AI perimeter to make alarm trigger more accurate
· Excellent image quality both day & night
· White light compensation

Cover exterior & interior areas

· 2MP Dual-lens IR 30m IP Dome
  - Adjustable angles covers 180° wide area
  - One cable installation, save hardware cost
· 2MP Ambient Monitoring HDCVI Bullet
  - Display temperature & humidity information on video by text overlay

Enterprise Video Storage

· Continuous recording for more than one year
· RAID 5, 16/24/36/48 bay available
· Support H.265+, save much bandwidth
· Hot swapping, redundant power
· High frame & low frame recording switchable

AI Network Video Recorder

· 32CH AI NVR, 16 PoE, built-in 4TB HDD
· Up to 4K live view, recording & playback
· Work with regular camera to perform Perimeter Protection & Smart Motion Detection Plus
· Integrate with EVS & DSS for AI event recording

AI Facial Access Control

· Hands-free, Non-stop Access
· Use face as access ID instead of bringing card, avoid buddy punching & copied card
· Built-in camera extends surveillance channel
· Support Wi-Fi, liveness detection, blacklist face alarm, Time & Attendance management, etc.

PoE Switch

– Layer 2 network & power management
– Built-in optical fiber & RJ45 port

– Industrial level: temperature -30°C to 65°C
– Up to 96W PoE Budget

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