# Smart Parking

AI Smart Parking Solution

Tradition Parking Challenge

Entrance& Exit:
Low efficient manual access control
Stop for authorization causes traffic delay

Waste time finding parking space
Resources waste and pollution
High labor cost on management
Lack monitoring at corners & remote

Car Accident:
Lack video evidence & surveillance for parking accident

Smart Parking

More efficient
Automated access control at entrance & exit
Indicate available positions and space capacity
Direct vehicles to free space quickly

AI technologies save labor cost on parking guidance,space monitoring, invalid parking management, etc.

More Secure
24/7 Comprehensive surveillance
Provide video proof for car accident & property safety


AI License Plate Camera

  • Detect vehicle and control barrier for automated access, reduce traffic flow delays effectively
  • Capture car image, record parking start/end time
  • Provide video footage
  • Support blacklist alarm


Outdoor LED Screen

  • Indicate available space of each layer
  • Link with license plate camera and space detectors for space update
  • Display up to 6 layers parking space


IP Intercom

  • Press button to call manager when any abnormal situation occurs

Parking Area

AI Parking Space Detector

  • Dual-Lens design, detect up to 6 spaces
  • Indicate free parking space for driver
  • Provide car park video and snapshot
  • Record parking time & prevent overtime parking

AI Parking Guidance Indicator

  • Providing three directions of arrow indication
  • Up to 3 arrows & 9 digits number display
  • Red/Yellow/Green tricolor display

AI Camera & NVR/XVR

  • Provide real-time monitoring of specific places
  • Effectively stop illegal parking by AI perimeter
  • Enhance parking security

Monitoring Center

Parking Management System (PMS)

  • A united platform to control all cameras & indicators
  • Remote barrier & vehicle access control
  • Manage multiple parking lots
  • Simple deployment & hot standby


Network Video Recorder

  • Work with parking lot cameras, offer live view,
    recording & playback of whole parking area.


Enterprise Video Storage

  • Offer huge video storage extension capacity for
    parking surveillance
  • Redundant hot standby & RAID guarantee data
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